Having balanced hormones can support good health. When your hormone levels aren’t balanced you may find your exercise routines and general fitness can be negatively impacted. This can be caused by having less energy, not able to sleep well, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, among many more symptoms.

How do exercise and hormone replacement therapy work together?

Hormone pellets release small amounts of hormones directly into the bloodstream to maintain balanced levels. The pellets also release hormones in response to physical activity – this can mean that someone who works out consistently will go through their pellets faster than someone who does not.

By receiving bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), it can make a positive impact on your mood, and also could increase your muscle mass and strength, bone density, and metabolism.

What are benefits of exercising for thirty minutes a day?

There are many different types of exercise and many studies that show the impact exercising for just thirty minutes a day can have on your body. Such as:

1. It can make you feel happier

2. It can help with weight loss

3. It can increase your energy levels

4. It can help your brain health

5. It can help your sleep quality

6. It can boost your libido

7. It can reduce your risk of heart diseases

8. It can help manage stress

9. It can help your skin look better

10. It can reduce your stroke list

Among these ten things, there are many other advantages to working out every day. And, when you pair your BHRT with exercising you could have better results with both!

So – what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get your hormones on track? We can help you find a Qualgen pellet provider in your area today! Email us at info@qualgen.us for more information!

Qualgen’s pellets are the purest pellets on the market! Why get implanted with nothing less than the best?

If you are a provider interested in utilizing the PUREST pellets on the market, send us an email at sales@qualgen.us or give us a call at 877-780-3369 and we will help get you set up!

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