Qualgen Quality Control Changes

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA – Qualgen is excited to announce a promotion in one of their staff members, Amy Wilson Engel, to the senior quality director position.

Engel has been with Qualgen for four months and has been proactive in making a difference in the company’s standards.

As the newly appointed senior quality director, Engel will be responsible for making sure all of Qualgen’s products meet specific quality standards.

Engel has over 17 years of innovative GMP pharmaceutical lab experience as a microbiologist, chemist, stabilitarian, and LIMS validation specialist. She also has a working knowledge of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines and global audit experience including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Pharmacopoeia (EU Ph), and Japanese Pharmacopeoia (JP).

“We are very excited about this growth and change here at Qualgen,” Shaun Riney, Qualgen’s CEO said. “As Qualgen continues to grow, so has the need to strengthen our quality unit.”

“Our quality unit is one of the most important areas we have,” Riney continued. “They assure our products follow the FDA and other international guidelines so we can continue to manufacture the highest standard of quality and safe products.”

ABOUT QUALGEN: Qualgen, a U.S. based company located in Edmond, Oklahoma, is a global leader in compounding pharmaceutical production. Founded in 2012, Qualgen offers numerous scientifically advanced compounds in multiple markets around the world.

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