Our new testosterone pellet will be available to buy on December 14th!

What kind of pellet is it?

Our new pellet is different than anything else we have, as it contains cholesterol. At this time, it will only be available in our 200 mg strength.

Why cholesterol?

While we still believe stearic acid is the best excipient you can use in a pellet, we have providers who have had success with cholesterol pellets saying they have lessened extrusion rates in men who don’t have as much fatty tissue. This theory has not been tested or proven.

Why use Qualgen’s pellets?

· Qualgen’s formulation and granulation process is one-of-a-kind and Qualgen is the only company in the world using our patent pending process. Our process and formulary are what makes Qualgen’s pellets so unique and possibly makes a difference in how the pellet works with your patients.

· Undeniably the highest quality and purest pellet on the market!

· Qualgen is the only company in the world that works with other manufacturers internationally to produce Qualgen’s unique one-of-a-kind proprietary processes to produce pellets

· Qualgen has invented more processes for pellet manufacturing than any other producer of pellets, making Qualgen the undeniable expert in the industry.

· Qualgen been producing pellets longer and, in more countries, than any other manufacturer: Qualgen has the most experience and knowledge in the industry, well over 150 years combined experience in compounding and large pharmaceutical production.

· Qualgen’s pellets and testing standards are the highest quality you will find.

· All of Qualgen’s raw materials undergo rigorous testing prior to use (testosterone, estradiol, anastrozole and stearic acid undergo ID testing, endotoxin testing and bioburden testing before used).

· Qualgen products are manufactured in dedicated clean rooms which are maintained

· Qualgen pellets are sterilized at a level 5-7 times higher than necessary to achieve sterility assurance.

· Qualgen has multiple quality control check points during manufacturing, packaging, labeling and pre- and post-sterilization.

Still need more reasons as to why you should use Qualgen’s pellets?

· BEST PERSONALIZED customer service – available to you at any time!

· 24-hour online ordering available.

· Pellet orders are sent out the SAME DAY if received by 4 p.m. CST.

· Our prices are the best in the market (really, just ask us!)

· NO CONTRACTS required – we are confident we are in our product and our customer service.

· Patented machine press; this means our pellets DO NOT crumble.

Our testosterone with cholesterol pellet will be on the market and ready to sell on December 14, 2020! PLEASE NOTE we will have a limited quantity available, so make sure to put your order in now so you can make sure to be on the list to get the pellets first!

If you are a provider interested in utilizing our new pellet, send us an email at sales@qualgen.us or give us a call at 877-780-3369 and we will help get you set up!

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