Could you benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) has shown to have many positive impacts on individuals suffering with imbalanced hormone levels.

What are some symptoms of imbalanced hormones?

There are multiple symptoms any individuals could have. Some of these could include the following (symptoms will vary based on gender):

Along with the above, symptoms could also include: problems with erections, muscle mass loss, fragile bones, crepe skin, dry eyes, fat gain in abdomen/chest, inability to build muscle, hot/cold flashes, night sweats, clammy feeling, heart palpitations, irritability, mood swings, trouble sleeping, irregular periods, low sex drive, dry vagina, fatigue, anxiety, depression, lack of focus and poor concentration.

If you have any of these symptoms it could be because of a hormone imbalance. If it is, Qualgen’s pellets might be able to help you!

Why should you choose Qualgen’s hormone pellets over other forms of hormone therapy?

Other hormone therapies usually require continued maintenance, this could mean taking a pill, rubbing a cream, or giving yourself a shot. Pellets deliver consistent, healthy hormone levels for 3-6 months, depending on the dosage and individual. This means you avoid the fluctuations of hormones delivered by a different method. Pellets have been shown to help with menopausal systems, maintenance of bone density, improvement in sex drive, losing weight, helping with sleep and much more! Pellets do not increase the risk of blood clots like conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Qualgen’s pellets are the PUREST pellets on the market. You won’t find another hormone pellet with the same quality that Qualgen’s pellets consist of.

What is required before pellet insertion?

A comprehensive blood panel is normally required and can be discussed with your healthcare provider. One week before the procedure, if possible, most doctors might ask you to stop all NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium, etc.). Fasting before the procedure is not required.

Qualgen's estradiol pellet are the purest estradiol pellets on the market!
Qualgen's Estradiol Pellet

How are the pellets inserted?

During the in-office visit, you will be taken into an exam room where the insertion site is cleaned and numbed. The most common site of insertion is the upper buttock. Once numb, a small incision is made for the pellets to be inserted. After the pellets are placed, the insertion site is usually covered with a small bandage. The total procedure normally takes less than 10 minutes.

Is there anything you need to worry about after the pellet insertion?

For a week after your pellet insertion, it is usually best to eliminate exercise. You can walk, but extraneous activity is not recommended. Swimming, hot tubs and baths should be avoided, as well as, sitting for long periods of time; such as on an airplane.

Qualgen manufactures the purest testosterone pellet on the market!
Qualgen's Testosterone Pellet

What happens to the pellets after they are inserted?

Qualgen’s pellets are the purest pellets on the market, are bio-identical and contain nothing more than the hormones your body naturally produces. The pellets are completely dissolved and absorbed by your body as they are needed. The pellets do not leave anything behind once they are utilized by the body.

So – what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get your hormones on track? We can help you find a Qualgen pellet provider in your area today! Visit or email us at for more information!

Remember, Qualgen’s pellets are the purest pellets on the market! Why get implanted with nothing less than the best?

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